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    We provide a full-featured electronic Hours of Service (HOS) log application, eLOG allows your drivers to focus on the most important part of their job
    – safely and efficiently delivering your customer orders. The automated log processes eliminate manual tracking and paper logging and meet all FMCSA
    regulations for electronic HOS compliance. The eLOG mobile application provides an interface that is directly integrated with existing TouchStar mobility apps.


    Reduce Costs and maximize profits with our fleet management and asset tracking software. We have the
    worlds most advanced fleet management technology. Features: Temperature Control, Customer Alerts,
    Route Optimizations, Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel Savings, Driver ID and more. Our system is web based
    and also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android so you can manage your fleet anytime, anywhere,
    and on any type of device.


    Are you looking for a SIMPLE solution to manage your fleet? Manage any fleet - service and delivery, light or
    heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, cars and buses. Improve vehicle and cargo security, increase fleet
    efficiency and lower maintenance costs. You will be able to look-up where they have been over the last 90 days,
    see who was driving them, where they parked, idled, entered or exited an area, or even drove above the speed limit.

Taking Telematics Business To a Whole New Level

We specializes in developing business solutions and products with GPS technology to provide results to meet the needs of our customers and achieve their goal.


For many years, we have partnered with many gps factories, high tech companies, fuel sensor providers, and many other product providers in telematics arena to bring a new product to the market. Our holistic approach to business process paired with scalable operations allows us to tailor solutions to the specific needs of the customer and its beneficiaries, even on an international scale. We approach our work with a fundamental goal in mind to make a meaningful impact in the telematics arena.

  • Easy To Use GPS Platform
  • Multi-language Interface
  • Safety
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Custom Development Solution
  • Compliance & Report
  • Mobility Application
  • Routing Planning

customer services

Reduce fuel consumption due to speeding vehicles, excessive idling, or poor driving behavior.
Limit speeding and vehicle idling. A vehicle idling for a long time is a causing increase fuel cost and increases maintenance cost.
Improve Customer Service providing better estimate arrival time. All units are properly identified on a map that lets you see at a glance how far this particular vehicle is from the customer's location.
Keep a safe fleet and monitor unsafe behavior habits can reduce by 38% the change of accidents according to studies.

White Label GPS Tracking Software All-in one solutions for all your business needs.

We offer a complete Turnkey Package designed for entrepreneur who want to enter into the telematics business arena. From platform, data, devices and support we have it all. We have a full-featured White Label, cloud-based GPS tracking solutions with mobile app with everything your customer need to track vehicles, drivers and any kind of asset they want to track. Features include vehicle locators, vehicle maintenance, dispatching, analytics, mobile access and custom alerts. It also lets your customer to keep their eye on driver behaviors to monitor performance and address issues like excessive speeding and extensive idle times.

  • Customized enviroment, full setup and training support.
  • Enterprise fleet management architecture for maximum customization.
  • Simple and affordable GPS platform with great maps, email alerts, email reports, security roles and a low monthly access fee.


Please drop us some line and let us know what are your needs.